Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dreamworks Internship info

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DreamWorks will be here on campus mentoring and interviewing.
They have several positions available for both full-time hires as well as internships.
These positions are varied. You will see them once you start the application process.
Note: Be aware that the deadline is in one week. See below for the application process.

How to Submit your work to DreamWorks Animation (digital application only)
When applying to DreamWorks Animation, please send digital materials. Please email PDFs of your cover letter, resume and reel breakdown to Email attachments cannot exceed an email size of 20MB. Submit web links to online demo reels or portfolios on our digital application.

Online Demo Reel and/or Portfolio Link Guidelines:
·  Demo Reel (2 minutes or less) and consists your best work in only one department.
·  By submitting your reel and/or portfolio, you agree that the submission will be governed by the policy for reel and portfolio submissions set forth in the Terms of Use Agreement on our website.
·  Complete Digital Application
·  Email PDF versions of your Cover letter, Resume, Breakdown (when appropriate) which describes your specific contribution to the work ( projects) to
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Pig Render

Bronson Call—color concept

Becca Bolduc Concept

Sarah Thulin color

Andrea Ballestero - Color Render

Ryan Nimtz: Color Concept

It's to an acceptable (I hope) point by now, but I'm gonna completely render it out in the next couple days.

Jesse Draper: Sonechka

Abigail Grigg-Concepts

Current progress